Welcome to
Mon Valley Community of Christ
Young Peacemaker's Club 
- Enriching the lives of children through the pursuit of peace for all

Prevents violence Encourages compassion Advances responsibility Cultivates integrity Empowers wholeness
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 8 and 22 from 6-7:30 pm
Don't forget to bring a friend!

At Young Peacemaker's Club:

Children of all ages and cultures are welcomed and treated with respect.

Children hear the language of love.

Children learn through personal experience, the value of finding peace within themselves, establishing peace between them and others, working toward peace in the world, and recognizing their role in creating an environment of peace for the planet.

Children have fun while learning lessons of peace.

Children are offered loving support and assistance by others who give their time to teach.

Children respect themselves and others, and the learning centers, for the benefit of all who come to learn about peace.

Children learn skills to become peacemakers in their daily lives.

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