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Mon Valley Community of Christ
"Let my Word be preached to the bruised and brokenhearted"
Mon Valley Community of Christ priesthood members with President Steve Veazey.
December 11, 2016​​“Are You The One Who Is To Come?”  Advent (PEACE)
​​​​​​Planner/Presider:​Messy Church or sermon?​​​​​​​​​Speaker:
​​​​​​Musician: Greeter:
Worship Schedule

Worship begins at 10:30 AM
Nov. 11th-13th ​​​Sr. High Retreat at Temple Grove Campgrounds
November 13, 2016
​​“Prepare To Testify” 
Business Meeting -9:30 AM
​​​​​​ Praise and Thanksgiving service
November 20, 2016​​
Messy Church w/ Nancy Holliday (Thanksgiving theme)
​​​​​​Assist: Glen Holliday, Aubrey Barchiesi
​​​​​​Musician: Kathy Greeter
November 27, 2016
​​“Be Ready”  Advent (HOPE)
​​​​​​Planner/Presider: Becky Ritchie
​​​​​​​​​​​​Speaker: Kathy Ross

 December 4, 2016​
 “The Kingdom of Heaven Has Come Near”  Communion Advent (JOY)
​​​​​​Planner/Presider:Carol Hughes
​​​​​​​​​​​​Speaker: Carl Hughes
​​​​​​Communion: Nancy and Cheryl
​​​​​​Assist: Gordon and Courtney

December 11, 2016​​
“Are You The One Who Is To Come?”  Advent (PEACE)
Speaker:  Becky Ritchie
​​​​​​Planner: Kathy Ross
Musician: Kathy and Luca

December 18, 2016​​
“Emmanuel: God with us”  Advent (Love)
​​​​​​Messy Church with Nancy
Annual Christmas Dinner
immediately following worship

December 24th, Christmas Eve
Worship Time: TBA

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