Welcome to
Mon Valley Community of Christ
       2016 Fall Retreats 

       Jr. Retreat    (for 3-5th grade)             
       Theme: Thanks and Giving: The Challenge
 November 4-6 (8:00pm Fri - 12pm Sun)
        Director: Melanie Ryhal
         Registrar: Sandy Davis            

       Jr. High Retreat   (for 6-8th grade)       
       Theme: "Our Roots RUN Deep"   
       November 4-6      (8:00pm Fri- 12pm Sun)
       Director: Kevin Williams
       Registrar: Sandy Davis 
      Sr. High Retreat   (for 9-12th grade)       

       Theme: "Staying Alive "   
       November 8-10  (8:00pm Fri- 12pm Sun)
       Director: Steve Ross Shelley Scherer
       Registrar: Sandy Davis


If you are targeted by a cyberbully:

  • STOP!
    Don't do anything. Take 5! to calm down.
  • Block!
    Block the cyberbully or limit all communications to those on your buddy list.
  • and Tell!
    Tell a trusted adult, you don't have to face this alone.
    Report cyberbullying to wiredsafety.org

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